Diabesity is the world’s most rapidly spreading epidemic and is closely relate with countless other illnesses, diseases and medical conditions. Diabesity is closely related to heart disease, stroke, most cancers, fatty liver disease, kidney failure, arthritis, depression right down to relative minor conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, thinning and/or grey hair, dental problems and countless more. All can be reversed with my methods.

Diabesity is also closely related to Alzheimer’s & Dementia which is now becoming known as type III diabetes.

If at the moment you aren’t classed as Obese, and don’t have diabetes, chances are that in the not too distant future you may follow the current trend and become obese. You are possibly already diabetic but don’t realise it.

The only saving grace from getting some of the above diseases & conditions is that one of the other ones will have killed you before you could catch the rest. Sad, but true!