Louise S

Weight used;
32 lbs
13.35% body fat
Stopped all medication
Cured; Diabetes (II), eczema, various other private issues

“I joined one of Frank’s courses in October, obese, type 2 diabetic, with other illnesses and ailments, and unhappy with myself.  I had nothing to lose so treated myself for my birthday to the course.  It was the best money I’ve spent, I learnt so much about food after trying Slimming World for years and never losing anything properly, loading up on foods that were not helping my diabetes.  My diabetes has now disappeared, my sugars have been ‘normal’ since a few days after starting, my eczema has cleared completely, other illnesses have totally changed, baffling my doctor! Over Christmas I still enjoyed nice treats and my body knew how to process the food properly not affecting my sugars, I now have the tools to get back on it if I have a treat and I’m planning to get to target this year. Trust what you’re told for the 8 weeks, you have nothing to lose, except weight and so much knowledge and wellbeing to gain.”

Keighley P

Weight used;
26.5 lbs
13.50 % body fat
Stopped all supplements
Cured; IBS

“I’m someone who has spent a better part of a decade ‘losing weight, trying every club, pill, shake, gadget and gizmo going and never really having any success with any of them. I initially turned up for the course purely based on Frank’s reputation. It was the 1st time he was doing the plan in a group and I felt like he would provide the kind of no-nonsense support that I needed; I was right. With the risk of sounding like a cliché Diabeaters has changed my life. When I started, I was medically classed as morbidly obese, I struggled with I.B.S. and had also formed a strong bond with George in the corner shop as I was in there so often buying chocolate. Post course I’m proud to say I’m no longer classed as morbidly obese. I no longer suffer with I.B.S. symptoms. this was something I never thought possible after struggling for years with countless doctors’ appointments I always thought it would be something I would have to cope with, thankfully this is no longer the case. The only downside is that I rarely see George anymore as I’ve finally got a handle on what I’m eating so no longer having cravings for chocolate anymore.

I would 100% recommend Diabeaters to everyone, Frank has put together a sensible achievable program that has help to change more than just my waistline.”


Reason for participation was to help IBS.

No stats were taken as body weight & shape wasn’t the issue. Helped with; body shape change, skin quality, facial tick, daily energy levels.

“My reason for signing up to Diabeaters may be a little different from others. My BMI was classed as healthy, but I was not as I had suffered with the symptoms of IBS for over sixteen years. I had sought medical advice on several occasions but had no success. It had significantly started to seriously impact on my daily life. I had started to blame various food groups and had randomly eliminated different ones, but nothing had really helped. Within three weeks of following the advice given my symptoms began to improve. Within five weeks all of them had disappeared, it really improved my quality of life. I also noticed other positive changes such as my body shape changed, my skin became clearer and I had lots more energy and mental clarity. I would highly recommend to anyone with dietary issues.”

Chris P

Weight used;
24.48 lbs
12.77 % body fat
Skin clarity improved

“Diabeaters is a life changer! Having been overweight for several years and trying the usual slimming clubs on numerous occasions, with no success, I realised that I needed something different. That’s where Diabeaters stepped in. Since starting the course I’ve never looked back. Within a very short time I began to feel fitter and healthier. Going to weekly meetings/lessons in a small, supportive group really helped. Plus having our own private Facebook group so that the support continued daily. I finished the course a dress size smaller and am enjoying the benefits of running with 2 stones less body fat to carry round. At the age of 60 I am achieving substantial Personal Best times over different distances and if feels great! “